June Confetti Mix of the Month 2017 – by Shropshire Petals

Hooray, it’s June! Time for longer days, sunshine and lots of lovely weddings! This June we’ve created a beautiful petal mix that is perfect for pink and blue weddings.


Our June confetti Mix of the Month is a combination of natural, biodegradable petals which are perfect for throwing over the newly married couple or scattering over tables or the aisle for decoration.


We’ve used our Icing Sugar and Candy Floss delphinium petals, Parma Violet rose petals, Duckegg Blue hydrangea petals and heather grain to create this gorgeous mix!


There are lots of ways to display your confetti for wedding guests to take a handful and throw including Flower Girl Baskets, Individual Sachets, Confetti Pops, Pails or even our popular Shropshire Box full of cones.


We love this June confetti Mix of the Month paired with our blue confetti cones, they just look so dreamy!


Here at Shropshire Petals we measure by the litre, and 1 litre will give you about 10 handfuls. If you’re wondering how many litres you might need you can also use our quick and easy confetti calculator.


We hope you love this mix, don’t worry if you’d like this mix but your wedding isn’t for a while, you can either order now and select out delayed delivery so we send your petals out 3-4 weeks before the big day. Or you can create this mix at any time using our unique Pick & Mix page.

Love as always SP xx

Post by www.shropshirepetals.co.uk


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