Favours – Not nutty about sugared almonds?

Favours – Not nutty about sugared almonds?

This is an area of your wedding planning where you can really get creative, and impress your guests.  You want each and every attendee to go home with something special.

Gone are the days where all you have for choice are some sugared almonds, here are some more ideas for you:

* Lottery tickets – in a personalised paper wallet/rolled with ribbon

* Placecard with a note on how you have donated ‘X’ amount to a chosen charity.

* Candle – bought or perhaps homemade in a chic vintage style teacup.

* Personalised chocolate – love hearts too are a sweet touch!

* Engraved champagne glasses

* Go ‘ECO’ by providing your guests with a little packet of seeds they can plant – with a note attached so they know what they are planting.

* Miniature photo frames

* Bottle stoppers, key rings, pens etc, anything to show your guests you appreciate them coming to share your special day with them.

Moving on slightly from favours, another special gesture, this time from guests to the happy couple, is leaving them a special message of the day, traditionally done using a guestbook, where guests write their memories of the day in.

We have all written in guestbooks, often stuck for what to write, we usually fall for the ‘cliche messages’ often reworded from the message before!

You can now hire ‘video diary booths’ where guests can leave you a live message of congratulations, filled with all the emotions you fail to receive from just a standard guestbook.

There are lots of businesses who provide these services. Also take a look at our Wedding Favours category on our directory.

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