Why choose a Celebrant




Hi I’m Michelle Taylor, a Wedding and Family Celebrant.

What’s That?

A Celebrant is an independently trained person, not affiliated to any church or faith and not necessarily humanists, we just believe people should have the right to celebrate their special day in a unique way.

There are a number of Celebrants in the U.K. now, I myself am a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, a small but growing group of dedicated, diverse individuals who share a common goal.

As a celebrant I offer a real alternative to the run of the mill and the mundane.

Have you ever thought about holding your dream ceremony in a bluebell wood, on the beach at solstice or even up a mountain ?

Now you can.

I offer bespoke ceremonies to mark every rite of passage, from pregnancy to birth, child naming and adoption ceremonies and of course civil partnership, wedding ceremonies and vow renewals.

The legal bit…

For any civil partnership or marriage to be recognised in law the legally binding part of the service MUST still take place at an approved premises, however that can be very short and very basic, no vows or rings need be exchanged.

Once that bit is out of the way you can choose how, when, where to exchange your vows, rings and enjoy your day.

By choosing me to conduct your special service you will receive face to face consultations, I get to know you and together we will design a unique ceremony that reflects the person or people you are.

You won’t be restricted to anything from the pattern book and can incorporate any type of spiritual or faith based belief into the service from vows to readings to symbolic and traditional rituals.

You now have choices like never before to make your special day truly unique
to you as an individual, a couple or a family.

So why choose a Celebrant?

Celebrants have received specialised training,

I trained with Terri Shanks, the Founder of the Fellowship (U.K.) All of my colleagues have a good grounding in writing and performing ceremonies.  I am a specialist and I design your ceremony with you and for you.

Celebrants listen and are truly interested in their clients’ stories

I learn from you, what makes your relationship unique. I make suggestions, but you will always own your ceremony. I bring my own style of writing and personality into it’s development and performance, but every word is approved by you. Unlike a registry office where they approve the words you
want to use AND the same ceremony applies for everyone.

Celebrants provide unlimited consultation with their clients

I am always on the end of a phone, or computer if you want to add or change things, to research or brainstorm ideas.

Celebrants rehearse

I do not merely arrive at a ceremony and read, I will rehearse to ensure a smooth ceremony and calm nerves.

Celebrants generally stand to the side when performing the ceremony

This ensures the focus is on the Honourees not the Celebrant.

Celebrants take on some ceremony co-ordinating functions

This may include cue sheets for the music, touching base with staff and the photographer to highlight any specific aspects of the ceremony or to trouble shoot any issues.

Celebrants are professional

I am timely.  I can handle last minute changes. I am warm and supportive and always available to quash last minute nerves. From those being honoured, to the family members and other participants such as the readers. I have my own fully portable   P.A. system, because if we can’t be heard at the back the ceremony is a failure!

Celebrants provide special extras

I create a keepsake as a gift, a lasting reminder of a truly wonderful day.

Michelle Taylor Wedding and Family Celebrant


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