Dont Tell Porkys Hog Roast

Dont Tell Porkys Hog Roast

“Don’t Tell Porky’s” Hog Roast is the best hog roast there is and is determined to ensure that the catering for your function goes smoothly.

We can cater for your wedding or event from start to end insuring you can fully enjoy your day which it’s what it’s all about, having great food served to your guests and enjoying yourself.

We always use free range, local meats with the aromas of sage and onion, pork and apple sauce, all served with fresh soft floured bap’s.

You can even Host Your Own Roast – we will provide the hog roast pig cooked and ready for carving by your self.

We are fully registered and inspected with the council and we are fully insured and all our staff have Food Hygiene Certificate’s Plus we have great honour to have 5 stars from the Food Standards Agency.

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