Wedding Dove Release

A beautiful white dove release will add such a meaningful touch to your special day – when it is done by an experienced, professional company.

This is becoming a very popular service, but there are people out there who offer quite frankly a shoddy service.

I would advise anyone considering booking doves for a wedding to check the following;

1)  Evidence that the company is busy – if there are only one or 2 internet purchased images on the website, chances are this company does not work often and as such has very little experience.  In our view, you need experience in dealing with crowds of people, professional photographers, as well as being 100% competent at handling birds.  You need to be a good coordinator, command the attention of everyone present, and be able to think on your feet to get the best possible effect from the releasing of doves.

2)  Quality of the website – again internet bought images and text copied from other sites can be a sign that the company has not invested in its craft.  If they don’t do that, they are not going to invest the time creating a special dove release for you.

3)  The company are fully insured against public liability – especially important for this service as live animals are used.  Many venues will not allow a dove release unless the supplier is fully insured.

4)  The correct breed of dove is used – only the rock dove should be used, any other breed will not fly away and will certainly not return home.  This will not give you the effect you wanted, but above all is cruel to the birds used.

If you follow these steps, your doves will probably be the most memorable and talked about part of your day. If you don’t, and you end up with a couple of birds being let out of a painted pigeon basket, no one will remember it at all.

Article by Lynne of Lovey Dovey UK

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