For Your Eyes Only!

Eyes are one of the first thing people notice about you & most women spend longer on their eye make up than any other part of their face! Many of us dream of beautiful, long, luscious lashes only to be faced by our short, stubby ones in the mirror! There are lots of tricks to getting those longed for lashes however!

Tinting your lashes will give you a darker tone & mean you can go without mascara. Perfect if you play lots of sport, swim or are off on holiday. They won’t give you any extra bulk or length however. The tinting process takes around 20 minutes. The skin around your eyes is protected to prevent staining & then the tint applied in any colour from the lightest brown to the darkest of blacks. Once complete the tint will last you 4-6 weeks & simply fade away.

If you’d love a little more curl then perming may be the answer. Small rods are placed on your lashes which are then curled around them. Solutions are applied to set the lashes in the curl. After around 45 minutes your lashes will remain with their new curl for around 4-6 weeks. This treatment can be combined with tinting to give you darker & curled lashes.

If you’d really love to flutter those lashes however then the latest lash trend is extensions. Yes, seriously, you can have your lashes extended! The extensions are so similar to natural lashes, you simply can’t tell the difference. In various lengths, you can opt for a natural effect through to some serious glamour & drama! They have a natural curl so give you the fluttery effect, are dark so give you the colour & as they are applied on top of your own lashes, you get double the thickness so lashes look bulkier too. It really is the answer to long, luscious lashes without any need for mascara. Once adhered, they will remain on until each natural lash falls out. The extensions are perfectly safe for contact lens wearers. A gap is left at the base of the extensions to prevent any possible irritation to your skin as absolutely no lash extension or adhesive touches it. The entire process is so relaxing. Clients have their eyes closed throughout & many drift off to sleep, only to awaken 1 hour later with fabulous new lashes. Many clients begin having them applied purely for a special occasion but are so thrilled by them that they keep them on permanently. As top ups are carried out every few weeks, should you suddenly decide you’d like them longer, or even shorter, the new lashes being applied can be chosen to accommodate this.

Natural lashes have a life of around 3 months so many of your extensions will last for up to 3 months with fortnightly re lashes. To counteract the natural lash loss, simply visit for a re lash every 2-3 weeks & new extensions will be applied to new lash growth. You can still apply mascara although most clients don’t feel the need to. Perfect for anyone lusting after gorgeous lashes, swimmers, women who find mascara application tricky & if you are simply just too busy! Brides are also loving the natural & eye opening effect without lots of caked mascara! Go on! Flutter this year!!

Article by Victoria Brooks of Gorgeous

All treatments available at Gorgeous in Chelmsford

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